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Bill McCready, Venture Capitalist, shows you how and what you have to do to raise millions of dollars quickly.

How To Finance Your Business Venture...
A Venture Capitalist Reveals 28+ Insider Secrets To Getting Your Deal Funded Fast!

The Venture Map will take you through the entire financing process, including how to get from your business idea or product to Venture Capital or Angel Funding.

Is Capital Available Today?

These are turbulent times, no question, but consider the following:

  • "There is more money looking for a good deal than there are good deals looking for money." However, your really have to have a great plan to get it.

  • VFinance Monitor reports that every day, an average of $40 million plus is given out in private and venture funding.

  • There is a reported $400 billion of risk capital just sitting on the sidelines waiting to be invested in the next round of innovative businesses.

See What Others Are Saying

"We received first round funding ($5 million) after submission of the new business plan to two VC firms. Then the VC firm asked us to show them how our financial models were created. They wanted to use OUR TEMPLATE (which we developed from the 7 Venture Capital Reports) to help them evaluate alternative scenarios for their portfolio companies!" Michael Lay, CFO, e-Commerce Internet Company

"I raised $1.5 million in debt and equity for my company without any previous business experience using the information in these reports. Blaise Bissen, CEO, Entertainment and Education Facility.

"I had the opportunity to buy the radio stations I was managing. I had no financial background or experience, beyond sales and only $1000 to my name! Using the information in these reports we were able to obtain a bank loan for the entire amount necessary to purchase these properties. Later we sold the stations for over $2.2 million and $1 million in pure profit." Rodney Sanchez, CEO, Radio Broadcasting Company

How Are You Raising Money Now?

You could take a VC to lunch and learn some of the secrets to raising money. You could also buy a book or invest in some software.

But would you really have the tools to create what you need to obtain funding? Would you know what investors are really looking for, how to find them, and how to structure your deal so you retain control of your company?

We've raised millions of dollars for our entrepreneur clients and for our own projects. For the first time, we're sharing not only our expertise, but ACTUAL Business Plans, Financial Models, Power Point Presentations and Term Sheets.

Entrepreneurs are often shocked by the fact that the bill from consultants, attorneys, and CPAs can be as much as $50,000+ just to prepare the documentation necessary to raise money legally in todays market.


" These reports give you proven practical methods used by professional fundraisers and entrepreneurs. This is in-depth practical information you can't get anywhere else in one piece at one time. You might be able to find it scattered throughout other sources. But you would have to sift through hundreds of books and hundreds of Web sites to find it. Pamela Bernard, CEO, International Modeling Agency

Essential Components of Your Funding Process

The three things that you need to support your fund raising with a money source are: Management, Money and Market(ing). You will also need ALL of the following documentation or you will lose the deal. We know, we've been there and learned our lesson! First thing you need to do is get your business credit lines setup.

Who Should Order

  • Entrepreneurs who are seeking funding for their ventures.

  • Finance professionals, business educators, and consultants who want to be able to help their clients raise money.

  • Employees and intrapreneurs who would like to become entrepreneurs, and want to accelerate the funding process.

All the materials in this package are battle-tested plans created by Venture Planning Associates that have been used successfully to raise funds. You can just fill in the blanks

"With the financial and operational restructuring recommendations found in these reports, we turned a $5 million investment loss in a portfolio company in receivership, into a profitable top performer in its market. We later sold it with enough profit to cover the previous loss. And we made a profit on the sale! " Roger Ulveling, CEO, GE Capital, Modular Building Business

Ordered separately, all the materials in the Venture Capital Power Pack are valued at over $4,000!

These are the same materials we offer in our $4,000, online venture capital financing course. So if you're a self starter who just needs the templates and secrets, this is the right package for you.

All products are automatic downloads and fully functional MS Word, Excel and Power Point files ready for modification for your project. (All are certified Virus Free.)

See how you can have this entire Venture Capital Power Pack for this exceptional value of $997.

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To Your Success

William F. (Bill) McCready, CEO
Venture Planning Associates, Inc.

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